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2011 Starts With Change

Jerod Clark

We promised some big news to start off 2011 at Think Christian and here it is.  For the first time in more than two years, TC has a full time editor.  It’s my pleasure to tell you our own Josh Larsen is taking on that role.

An administrative move may not seem like big news, but hopefully I can give you some insight for why I think it is.  For a little more than two years, I’ve been handling the editor role on an interim basis.  Obviously, two years is a long time to do something temporarily.  When ReFrame Media was first gifted Think Christian from Gospel Communications, it was always our hope to hire someone to expand the project and help it grow.  But a tanking economy stopped that search.  So instead of growing, we became stuck in maintain mode.  We tried to keep things going without introducing major change.

I took on the task in addition to several other projects I already work on for ReFrame Media.  Some of you may know that my primary job is developing and managing Church Juice.  It’s a ministry aimed at helping churches be better communicators.  That can be anything from marketing to website development.  As that project grows, the time I spend on Think Chistian is less and less.  Honestly, it shows.  We haven’t provided you with a constant flow of thoughtful Christian conversation.  Our writers do an awesome job.   I love their thoughtfulness.  But now is the time to grow.

We spent a couple of months doing interviews for the editor position.  We were focused on finding someone who had a passionate vision for the future of this project.  It become clear that person is Josh.  He has some great ideas that he’ll start sharing with you soon.

So please join me in welcoming Josh to his new and expanded role.  I’m so excited to see where he takes Think Christian in the coming year.  As always, I’m thankful to the TC community as well.  Without your comments, this blog wouldn’t be what it is.  Thanks for sticking with us during the slow times and I look forward to seeing a revamped TC that gives you strong and thoughtful conversation about faith, culture and what it means to be a Christian.

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