A pastor’s guide to surviving kickoff Sunday

Erica Schemper

Erica Schemper
September 16, 2015

For their own health and that of the church, pastors must share the work of ministry with the Body.

Bonnie Nicholas
September 18, 2015

I agree with the quote that the church that expects nourishment to flow only from pastor and staff is lost. Pastors and church staff and ministry leaders need to follow the way of Jesus, who used his power to empower others, sharing power through his Holy Spirit, so that we truly become a priesthood of believers. We are one body and each part is needed, we only grow up in Christ as each member does its part. I'm happy to say that most of my church nourishment does not come from pastor or staff but from the relationships and ministry opportunities that I'm involved in.

Scott Davis
September 3, 2016

Well, if pastors think they have it rough, imagine deacons who lead during the time between leaders. They have full time jobs at the same time and in addition to the "normal" ministries and responsibilities of the church, they are often involved in additional responsibilities of occasional preaching and search committees...

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