Culture At Large

A theology of maps

John Van Sloten

Editor’s note: John Van Sloten is at it again. Always looking for God’s presence in the everyday, he recently preached on the providence of God as revealed through the cultural lens of maps.

“Maps tell stories,” John says. “They show us … how things fit together.” And they can do more. Drawing from Simon Garfield’s On the Map – as well as Joshua 18, Psalm 33 and Matthew 7 – John suggests that “maps help us engage providence and see God’s power and beautiful presence, in the world and throughout history.”

We love John’s pieces for us as a TC columnist, but sometimes it’s best to just let him preach. Video of him preaching on a theology of maps is below. As always, we welcome your questions and comments. (Josh Larsen)

God’s Providence in a Map from New Hope Church Calgary on Vimeo.

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