Culture At Large

A theology of sleep

John Van Sloten

Editor’s note: In his continual search for God’s presence in the everyday, TC’s John Van Sloten recently preached about the providential gift of sleep. Perhaps a risky topic for a pastor speaking to a morning crowd – especially one who keeps the sanctuary lights down low during the sermon – but John managed nonetheless.

“Sleep is where God proves that He is holding your life,” John says. “Last night, for six, or seven or – Lord willing – a glorious eight hours, God kept you. He held your unconscious life. He watched over and sustained and protected you.”

Referencing Jacob, Psalm 121 and a TED talk by neuroscientist Jeff Iliff, John also suggests that the brain, which is actively at work even as we sleep, is an icon pointing to a God who never slumbers. “Right there, inside of your cranium, a parable,” he says.

Video of John’s theology of sleep is below. Enjoy – and before you tuck in for the night, please do share any questions or comments you might have. (Josh Larsen)

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