Abortion "Gift" Certificates

Jerod Clark

December 4, 2008

How repulsive. It's a good thing that Mary didn't use these "services" for her crisis pregnancy. So sick.

December 4, 2008

This is just as outrageous as iTunes gift cards. They can be used to buy porn, or explicitly sexual music. The same is true of Wal-Mart gift cards. Depending on local laws, they can be used to buy guns, ammunition, alcohol, AND porn. And we give those gifts to children! But nobody is outraged by that. Why are people outraged that gift certificates, designed to help people who can't afford health care, are being sold? Yes, they can be used for things we don't support. But so can cash, or gift cards to any store short of your local Bible shop. Have a little faith in the people you give gifts to.

Bob K
December 4, 2008

You've raised a good question. Perhaps instead of reacting with disgust, we should respond in love and be pro-active about the physical and physiological needs of others as well. After all, Jesus is also known as the Great Physician.

December 5, 2008

There's nothing outrageous about Planned Parenthood marketing their "product". Did Sedlak expect them to honor Christmas in a way different than any other merchant or service provider? Christians should take the hint in a positive way and support their local crisis pregnancy center or help pay for someone's medical bills.

December 5, 2008

There may be rater R material in iTunes but no porn. Regarding your other points. You cannot buy guns with gift cards. You need cash or credit card. With that said, I see your point. Give a gift card and have the trust that the people who you give it to, will put it in good use. I once gave a few bucks to a disabled homeless man. He got off on my subway stop and saw him buying dope. I gave in good will, but it's on him to choose what he will use it for. Oh, and of course, I wouldn't give money to someone who I knew was going to use it for dope.

Steven Koster
December 5, 2008

PP has staked so much of their reputation on offering abortions, and we as Christians in turn have focused so much on that one issue, I really have little idea what other medical services they offer. I imagine they do offer good and healthy services, even though the idea of an abortion gift certificate is gruesome,

Regardless, I wonder what it would look like if churches worked with local pregancy crisis centers to offer the same sorts of things. What if we could give not only referrals but finanical support to those needing pre-natal care and counseling?

And more generally speaking about the 'abortion wars,' what if we could make it possible that the idea of an abortion would be relatively moot--that there would be plentiful financial and moral support for young mothers of all circumstances so that abortion is not an attractive option? That's a mission for pro-life advocacy.

December 5, 2008

I completely agree. We've become great at ranting about how terrible abortions are, at protesting outside abortion clinics, and at making abortion a prominent political issue. Yet we rarely "put our money where our mouth is." Sure, there are some wonderful Christian ministries out there who provide loving support to mothers facing unwanted pregnancies, but as an overall church, we are lagging far behind in this area.

I would even argue that Christians are often one of the reasons that abortion may seem like a BETTER option than adoption. Carrying an unwanted pregnancy to full term, outside of marriage, is a very visible sign of "sin." And not just any sin--the sin of unmarried sex, which we as a church seem to have championed as possibly the worst sin of all.

Instead of judging and ranting and hoping that politicians will fix this issue for us, we should be putting our energy into loving and supporting and providing resources for these young mothers. The church should be the FIRST place that unmarried pregnant women turn for help. Sadly, in our current situation, I'd guess that the church would be one of the last. Most would probably find far more love and acceptance at Planned Parenthood than they would from their local church.

Or, even if that's not true, that's how they probably feel based on the media's presentation of Christian attitudes toward those who have had sex outside of marriage. And in this situation, perception is as important as reality, because this is a choice they can only make once. So we need to get our act together as a church to become the best place for young unmarried mothers to turn, and then we need to be as creative as Planned Parenthood is at getting the word out.

December 5, 2008

Wouldn't it be nice if a church actually did give free health exams? Why are Christians continually sent back to the world to receive what they need? If the church would do it's job, as described by God, the sinners and their organizations would, not only not get publicity, but would not get so many visitors. We really should be ashamed for all that we don't do. How happy the Lord would be if all the doctors, dentists, electricians, plumbers, counselors, home makers, etc. that are in the church, would take their God-given talents and offer them to the people that needed them, and do it free of charge. You know, freely ye have received, freely give. Could you just imagine the free publicity the Lord would get? Just something to think about.

December 6, 2008

Planned Parenthood does not just perform abortions they offer counseling on birth control. and sex education as well. I 'm a christian as well and but i'm for a woman to choose just as it's Goddwill for anyoone to make a choice, it's call free will. Of cours there are consequences. But God deems it so. Nothing is for me to judge. But it's sad that all these so called christians aren't nearly as vocal about the death penalty. Makes me think folks are not prolife just pro judgment. Don't kill them at 3 weeks but it's okay to kil lat 38 weeks.. Some pro-lifers.. doesn't sound very christian to me.

December 6, 2008

there definitely are churches that do provide those services but, as Jerod hinted, they never get publicity really. being from central florida i know that first baptist orlando has a pregnancy center that offers free counseling and a certain degree of pre-natal care. as much as i dislike the dreaded mega-church, FBC Orlando is capable of providing wonderful services due to its gigantic membership and stewardship giving.

i totally agree with giving away our gifts to those in need, but i doubt we would get much publicity. blood, sex, and scandal make the nightly news, rarely selfless giving. but of course its not about that, and i think you're quite right in thinking selfless love can change the world. in fact, i think it already has.

December 9, 2008

I agree the church does seem to bash young unmarried pregnant mother's. I was one of those young unmarried mother's at the age of 17. I was gossiped about in my own church. God forgives. Why can't people.?? These days it's hard for people to get medical insurance, I agree with we should use our talents but it's hard to because you never know when a lawsuit is coming. Instead of talking about Planned Parenthood why don't we pray for Planned Parenthood. Where two or three are gathered in My name he hears. It says that in His word.

December 12, 2008

It's bad enough that Planned Parenthood would offer such a thing, but equally as bad that people will take them up on it. WE'RE IN TROUBLE!

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