Advent All Around: Modern prophets and bold hope

Rod Hugen

Marta L.
December 2, 2012

This was a really beautiful meditation on hope, Rod. I was actually writing on a similar topic over at my own blog; hope is inextricably bound up with forgiveness (at least of ourselves) and looking forward rather than back.

When I think of prophesy, I am reminded of the story of Jonah and Nineveh, how when he finally went to Nineveh he actually resented that they heeded his warnings! That seems to mark him as a prophetic warning of a different sort: how not to do this. I do believe that God hopes we will turn aside and not run into the future He sees waiting for us. This is the epitome of the Isaiah 1 passage we read in my church today: that God does not want sacrifices and regrets about the past, but for us try to do better next time.

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