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Are We Pardoned Turkeys?

I know Think Christian is an international community, so not all of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  But for those of us in the states, this is a pretty predominant holiday.  Many of us will spend the day stuffing ourselves with food and giving thanks for all the good things happening in our lives.  I do believe that taking time to stop and give thanks is important, but instead of going too serious on TC, I thought we'd take a look at something that's a little different.

I stumbled across a sermon online where the pastor is comparing all of us to a pardoned turkey.  He wrote:
One of the most interesting aspects of our Thanksgiving traditions is the official pardon of a Turkey by the President of the United States.  The president of the U.S. is presented with a Turkey which he pardons and the turkey is then sent to live a long life free from the fear of dying for dinner.

It started me in thinking that we are all kind of like turkeys at Thanksgiving.  In the world today we live in a time where many think that by living a good life they will make it one day to Heaven.  However, when it’s all said and done they like their real turkey counterparts do not have much left after it’s all over.  Some of us will often look and act the best we can and not begin to accept the pardon that Jesus came to bring us.  We Christians are the “pardoned turkeys” and we have lost a sense of urgency for our fellow brothers and sisters who are headed for the table. I know, you’re probably getting hungry saying this is a bit of a stretch with all this turkey talk, but the bottom line is that we are those who are to share the Good News of Jesus to those who are either do not know or do not really care that through Jesus we are pardoned and forgiven of our sinful life.  We are not called to force people to be Christians or die, but we are called to share our faith, something if we are honest, we just do not have an urgent sense of doing as we should or are capable of doing.

To be honest, I didn't exactly know what to think about the comparison when I first read it, so I turn it over to you.  What are your thoughts?  Are you calling yourself a pardoned turkey?

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