Beautiful words from "unclean" lips: finding spiritual light in unexpected places

Andy Rau

December 12, 2008

ouch. I would have to say yes it does. What good is lip service if that is all it is and there is no meditation,will and action put into it for God's glory. How hard is it to write something you don't really mean?

December 1, 2011

I have to say this is my favourite kind of "faith art." Maybe because I'm warped, I dunno. I guess I just find the questions such glimmers of truth bring up, really compelling in an "examine my own faith" kind of way. It's like playing hide and seek with God or something.

Of course I often wonder about the artist's own relationship with God (when I was a kid, I used to write down the names of actors and actresses of movies I like with the intent of praying for their salvation--the intent was stronger than the follow-through, but you get the idea). But I guess I also kind of feel like the apostle Paul's observation that whether the Gospel is preached from pure or impure motives, at least it's getting out, applies here.

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