Benedictions and political conventions

Tamara Hill Murphy

David Greusel
September 7, 2012

I am sorry, Tamara, that some of our brothers and sisters in Christ responded negatively to your post. There is, unfortunately, still a large segment of the evangelical world that equates Christianity with Republican. (Certainly the official Democratic position on abortion is not helpful in this regard). And they likewise regard believers who appear at official Democratic functions as traitors. But I like you rejoice to hear God-honoring voices wherever they are heard, reminding us that our primary allegiance is to God, not country (or party). My wish for red state Christians is that they would see Democrats as fellow humans with a different point of view, rather than as the enemy.

Kristen Beall
September 7, 2012

I think the points you make about the content of her benediction are good and valid, and are an example of, as you said, "praying like a Christian."

Personally, I vote as a Christian first rather than a member of a political party. It's becoming harder and harder, however, to choose between "lesser evils." In some elections (people forget about the elections other than president sometimes), I find it hard to vote for any candidate "as a Christian."

With that said, I think your opening paragraph is a little short-sighted. You said you "found that not every Christian would be as happy as me about the occasion. I really thought the Christian community had moved past the believing-God-is-a-Republican stage by now." I imagine a large number of the responses you received on your Facebook page have a lot to do with the fact that just days prior, the entire Democratic convention loudly declared "No" to including the word "God" in their platform.

I don't think that justifies any response that would minimize the benediction, or somehow suggest that the benediction itself was "unChristian." But there is some rationale for "questioning" the Christian stance of the Democrat party as a whole. They clearly do not have a consensus about whether "God" should be recognized.

Chris Patton
September 10, 2012

Tamara, I was blown away by the prayer! This was my first time watching it (just now) and I am glad I did. I was completely impressed by the sincerity and depth of Nardella's prayer.

After the "God in the platform" hubbub, I was not expecting much when I clicked on the link. However, I was totally caught by surprise at what I heard.

Thank you for sharing this link! Thank you also for sharing your thoughts and astutely summarizing the highlights of her words. Like you, I am a Christ-follower first and then a voter. I am not sure of the other negative comments, but I support your post!

Thanks for standing up!

September 10, 2012

"I really thought the Christian community had moved past the believing-God-is-a-Republican stage by now." There's a huge part of the Church in America that has never entered that stage, Tamara. You're hearing from some who think one way, but a large portion of American believers think another.

For me, I see voting as an act of worship just as with other decisions I make. I may not always worship well with how I make those decisions, but I try to.


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