C. Everett Koop as a Christian in the public square

Erica Schemper

Marta L.
March 3, 2013

This was a really interesting eulogy. I don't think I would have often agreed with Dr. Koop politically, but he was clearly a man of integrity who I could have easily seen as the "noble opposition" - something you see far too little of these days. Perhaps more to the point, I suspect he would have seen me the same way. That's a testimony worth leaving behind.

Jason Summers
March 4, 2013


Indeed, Dr. Koop was familiar with Kuyper and his thought, via (among other sources) the Center for Public Justice, for which he served as an Adviser and from which he received the 1998 leadership award ( http://www.cpjustice.org/node/45 ).

Of course, Schaeffer was also, albeit with somewhat different understanding than CPJ.


March 5, 2013

Erica, this line could be posted on everyone's bathroom mirror as a reminder for the day: "God's sovereignty over every part of his life." Just change "his" to "your" and there you go.

I lived 15 minutes from San Francisco's Castro district when the AIDS epidemic first started. That was a scary time for everyone. Not because it meant there might be consequences for sexual promiscuity (syphilis and gonorrhea from the prior decade already taught us that), but because no one knew where it was coming from or where it was going. All we knew is that it was killing people. Killing them.

Koop was the first national figure to try to put a stop to it. The first major Christian to do so, anyway.

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