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Changes at ThinkChristian

Andy Rau

There are some big changes underway at ThinkChristian. If you're interested in the behind-the-scenes goings-on at TC, read on!

First, a bit of background: over the last year, Gospel Communications (the organization that hosts and maintains ThinkChristian, and employs me and Chris) has gone through some rough waters. A few months ago, based on a number of different factors, its board of directors decided the time had come to shut down Gospel Communications and pass the torch of its various ministries (which include ThinkChristian, Bible Gateway, and others) on to other Christian organizations.

So what does that mean for ThinkChristian? Well, it means that for several months now we've been exploring possible futures for ThinkChristian. One tantalizing option was for me and/or Chris to take the site and run with it ourselves—but that would mean we wouldn't have access to some of the resources that a serious ministry can bring to the table. And beyond that, we don't want TC to become "just a blog"—we've always envisioned it as part of a broader ministry effort to help people approach daily life with a discerning Biblical mindset.

After reviewing a number of options, we've finally decided on Back to God Ministries International as TC's new home.

Chris and I have had many conversations with Steven Koster (Back to God's English Ministry Director), and traveled to their Chicago office earlier this month to meet his team in person. And we're very, very excited about what they have planned for ThinkChristian. In addition to bringing onboard a number of new contributors from their own staff, they'll be developing and expanding ThinkChristian in ways that we weren't able to at Gospel Communications.

I think you'll be pleased with what Back to God is bringing to the discussion here. At times it has been a challenge to keep blogging over the last few months while simultaneously job-hunting and helping with the Gospel Communications shutdown, and Back to God's staff and energy are welcome. I'm happy to see TC put into Back to God's hands. The transition will be happening very soon, and they'll be posting more info tomorrow and in the days to come.

Lest you're worrying, Chris and I will continue to contribute, so you haven't seen the last of us! [insert maniacal laughter]

Thanks, as always, for reading TC, and for participating in the discussions! We just hit our 2000th post yesterday; my mind boggles when I think about all the writing that represents—and there have been many times that number of comments. Thanks... and stay tuned!

If you have any questions or comments about the Back to God transition, feel free to post them below, and the Back to God team will answer.

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