Culture At Large

Christian Singles and Sexuality

Steven Koster

I wrote earlier on celebrating sexuality within a Christian worldview. I still think the world yearns for affirmation of our sexuality from God's point of view, especially since the world never hesitates to offer distortions and lies on the topic.

However, the most intriguing responses to me were the voices of Christian singles. I heard much pain and a little anger toward the church on the topic.

Part of the irony about Christian sexuality is an acknowledgment that singles are created sexual persons too, even if celibate. And I confess, I've spoken more with struggling couples than singles, so I'm not sure how to speak well to the issue. The call to celibacy is clear enough, but how do we speak together in love and care?

So I'd love to hear more from singles about how the church can minister to them, not so much in terms of a an overall organization or a big program for all singles, but pastorally as sexual persons.

How should pastors speak to you as a single person about your sexuality? Is it something you restrict? Manage? Celebrate? What words would you use? What insensitive terms make you cringe when you hear them applied to you from church people and pastors?

What advice do you have young singles?

What do you wish every pastor would hear?

Frankly, I'm looking for an education from singles about singles and their sexuality so I can be a better pastor.  Let me hear more of your voices!

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