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Chris Salzman

Do you love digital media? Are you interested in missions? I happen to think both are rather keen, which is why I'm reposting this story from Mission Network News:

New ministry fields are opening faster than Audio Scripture Ministries can respond.

ASM's Tom Dudenhofer says they're in desperate need of media-technologies people with a vision for missions. "We really need to bring on some more technically-oriented people who love the Lord and love to help people, who would be willing to travel and are interested in passing on what they know about computers and digital audio to believers around the world who really need these tools to put God's Word in audio for non-readers."

Here's how it would work: "There are national teams in Peru, around the country, who are attempting to use media to put God's Word in audio and even video. They just need somebody to hold their hand or to give them a little direction." In other words, a volunteer would help guide the nationals in how to use the equipment, how to process the audio they record, and how to troubleshoot some of the equipment.

Dudenhofer says volunteers need to be able to commit a short block of time to tutoring the nationals with the setup, but knowing the language won't be as much a necessity. Translators are easily found with this kind of ministry.

Already, ASM has requests from Peru, the Philippines, and Mozambique, with more coming in. "They already have a strategy; they already know what they want to do. We're going in there to help them do what God has laid on their heart to do."

Asked what would happen to the ministries if no volunteers come forward in a timely fashion, Dudenhofer said simply, "Everything kind of grinds to a halt. We do the best we can; we're not a big organization. We're trusting God. We know He has control of the timing, and we know that there are people that He's prepared to help with the needs that we have."

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