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Dog Talks God

Chris Salzman

I bet you can't wait to hear how Dog the Bounty Hunter has anything to do with Christianity. For the uninitiated, here's the intro video to his reality television show:

A few years back I saw an episode at a friend's house. It was both extremely silly and strangely touching. In the midst of the running around and rough and tumble style of Dog and his team, they always take time to talk to the bounties about their life choices and urge them to reform.

So, it wasn't a complete surprise to find out that Dog believes in God. The Wittenburg Door has a great interview with him up on their site right now. Here's a notable quotation:

When Jesus died on the cross he was crucified with two thieves, and one, of course, said, if you're God get down off of here, and the other one said, please help me out, brother. Jesus said nothing to the one, I don't think, but he said to the other, “Tonight you'll be sitting down with me and my Dad in heaven.” So, my people are those people on the cross with Jesus, the thieves. That's who I'm responsible for. So, each time I go out and capture a thief or a criminal I have to tell them, you know, I don't try to pound Jesus down their throat but I have to tell them I was once a thief, and that I saw the light, and there is a light for them. That's like my congregation, you know what I mean? My ministry is to the thief. I used to be ashamed of that, and then I read the part where it said, "The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.” My guy could be in the front line so you've got to really be good.

While his theology isn't always perfect, one really gets a sense that he's trying and in process. The man is not afraid to learn from his mistakes.


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