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Doing Away with Preaching

Chris Salzman

Just finished reading this article titled The Problem with Preaching from The Baptist Magazine of New Zealand. The author enumerates the problems he sees with traditional preaching.

Preaching as it is practised in modern churches is extra-biblical, a poor form of communication, and creates dependency.

And here's where the argument started from:

Recently I studied the biblical passages about preaching, and was surprised at what I found – that the preaching that is referred to in the New Testament (NT) bears little resemblance to the practice of preaching in churches. I also looked through the shelves of a good Bible college library. There were about 1000 books on how to preach a good sermon, yet I could find nothing that attempted to clearly justify why sermons should be preached. The vast majority assume and perpetuate the sermon concept, and there is rarely any investigation or justification of its legitimacy.

His point is mainly that sermons are not in the bible, and there's no great reason why we should still do them.

Personally, I have listened to over 1000 sermons in my life, and frankly there are only a handful of memorable ones. I do think that the sum total of all those hours of thought-out biblical teaching has--at the very least--pounded some sort of Christian world-view in me. But is that the best way of doing it? I know I learned far more about Christianity from other sources like small groups and classes.

Do you think sermons are biblical? Are they a necessary component to the Christian life or weekly service?

Any preachers want to defend the weekly sermon? Any preachers want to do away with it?

Another article worth reading on sermons in the bible: Challenging Times.

Note: no one is saying that we don't need to interact with each other and God's word in some capacity. The challenge is against traditional monologue preaching.

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