Egg freezing and the facts of life

Branson Parler

Branson Parler
November 14, 2014

Christians ought to be cautious about egg freezing because it reduces bodies to mere matter to be manipulated in whatever way we see fit.

Ellen Painter Dollar
November 14, 2014

I appreciate so many things about this post. It is a refreshing change from much Christian writing on repro tech, in that it focuses not solely on individual choices but on our duty to create social structures and supports that address the very real and difficult pressures, particularly on women, when it comes to bearing children. I loved this: "The lack of substantial maternity leave seems to confuse equality with sameness and uniformity (but men don’t get maternity leave!), whereas a proper Christian perspective would recognize that true equality is always properly diverse, taking into account the real differences between men and women, not least of which is the joy and burden of bearing children." Confusing equality with sameness. Yes. Thank you.

January 28, 2019

Interesting view with much reflection on societal acceptable practice and dehumanization. However there is one caveat: most women who choose to freeze their eggs do it not because they have chosen career over family. Unfortunately they find themselves in a position where they are older and still single. They desire family, but they value themselves and their unborn babies by waiting for the right man than just any man. Unfortunately the lack of men of quality - who can lead their family, with depth of character and morals is not common. And so women are forced into a tough position they do not want to be in - preserving their ability to have a family while in due time. Most still want to conceive naturally - but do not know what to do...
I think a more well-rounded discourse would have been achieved if there was more empathy and understanding of the plight many single women find themselves in.

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