Electronic grace for Iran's captive hikers

Allison Backous Troy

September 13, 2011

"The physical move of a mouse, a pen, my lips in prayer, go a long way in fighting the paralysis that injustice renders in me."  That's the beauty of the written word-and while it may never reach the imprisoned, it makes me aware of them, and reminds me to pray for them, to think of them, and to make changes in my own life.

September 13, 2011

Modern activism is... such an empty pursuit.  It is sad.

Move of a mouse?  A pen?  These things only move mice and pens.  Rarely do they actually accomplish anything of any real value.  

Prayer, on the other hand.  Seeking after God's creation so as to deliver the MOST IMPORTANT message of the Gospel, now this is important and a journey worth taking.

Awareness?  Bah.  We don't have to be aware of anything to pray for God to do something about whatever trouble is lurking.  

Above all things, it is important to pray that God is found by these two kids.  If He already is part of their lives, then we need to pray that God refines them as he sees fit.  If they are Christian ministers (I don't see anywhere that this is what they are doing), then we should pray that their ministry brings change to the hearts of the people in those prisons.

There is nothing wrong with being in prison if this is where God wants you.  The question that really has to be considered is are they servants of the Lord most high?

Allison Backous
September 13, 2011

I think that what's helpful is to, as we do for all, pray for these people's salvation - they matter because they bear God's image, regardless of their reasons for being in prison. I would also say that, if these actions move us to pray, and to "mourn with those who mourn," we are (hopefully) doing God's work. Keri's response below is one that I hope we can all pick up. Lord have mercy.

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