Feeling sorry for the super-rich

Kenman Wong

April 26, 2011

Jesus teaching to consider the ravens, the birds of the air, the lilies of the field confronts my fears about not having enough, losing what I have, or never attaining "financial security." If I could do it over I'd live more simply. Debt and stuff are nothing more than baggage. The best advice I can give someone just starting out is to pursue life as a raven. "Pefect love casts out fear."

April 26, 2011

Thank you for this honest and thought-provoking post. These issues balloon as one faces retirement. How much will be enough? Adequately prepared or not? I want to be financially secure enough never to be a burden to my children or anyone else (and I recognize how laughably prideful that is). Somehow, in this day and age, I doubt that my children will ever reach a level of financial security to be able to support me, anyway! Food for thought.

Brooklyn Cravens
April 30, 2011

Recently I heard this from a pastor: Money can be a great tool, but it's always a terrible god.

Good post.

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