Francis Collins on being a man of science and faith

Josh Larsen

Josh Larsen
April 14, 2015

Excerpts of a National Geographic interview with Francis Collins, the Christian director of the National Institutes of Health.

April 16, 2015

Great article! I always found it amazing when we make new discoveries using Science. To me, this shows what an awesome God created all this. I loved the show "Cosmos". I'm still blown away how intricate the ultimate Architect was.

Collins is a brilliant mind and I've enjoyed seeing some of his work unfold. We need people like this to show that science and religion can coexist, and, in fact, benefit from each other.

T. Pearce
May 21, 2015

It was refreshing to hear Francis Collins' comments on his being a man of science and of faith.
In 1972 (if I recall correctly) I started a physics class in college. The physics professor said, as part of his introduction, that science answers the question "how", not "why". He added that "why" is a philosophical question.
I do not know whether or not he is or was a Christian.
As a Christian, born anew a few years later, I never forgot his comments.
I must admit, I questioned God concerning evolution and other matters. The answer I got at first was near silence from Him, followed by a distinct impression, like words, "Do you believe Me?"
Later, in reading, fellowship, and consideration, I came upon a comment by a coworker of Watchman Nee, a widely read Christian teacher in China who died in prison in 1972 for his faith. The coworker was Witness Lee, sent to Taiwan by Nee shortly before the communist takeover of mainland China. The comment can be found in a footnote to 2 Corinthians 4 verse 13, note 2 in the Recovery Version of the Bible or New Testament: "Faith is in our spirit, which is mingled with the Holy Spirit, not in our mind. Doubts are in our mind."
Yes, skepticism is a useful tool in science, but it doesn't work in matters of faith.
God is also quite scientific. He is testable with the results being reproducible. However, the correct "instrument" must be employed. Just as a light telescope cannot detect radio waves, yet a telescope using radio detection can, so the mind alone cannot contact or know God. The mind set on the spirit (our innermost being) can.

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