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Friday Fun: Failed Christian Children's Book Titles

Nathan Bierma

A trending hashtag—or popular topic label—on Twitter this week was "failed children's book titles." (You can search the hashtag here, but be warned that many of the tweets with that tag have been offensive; here are a few of my favorites--all clean.) The idea was to take a familiar children's book title and change a word or three to to put a humorous spin on it, and post the result to Twitter. I tweeted some with religious overtones, and came up with a few more for this post.

Take a look and then post your own in the comments section. We'll be posting our favorite submissions at @ThinkChristian on Twitter next week. If you're on Twitter, include your Twitter name if you want us to use it to credit you.

  • Oh The Places You'll Go: How to Become a Missionary
  • Aesop's Ethical Quandaries
  • Are You There God? It's Me, Christopher Hitchens
  • My First Book of Imprecatory Psalms
  • The Lion, The Witch, and the Thinly Veiled Biblical Allegory
  • How the ACLU Stole Christmas
  • Dare to Be a Habbakuk: The Minor Prophets for Children

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