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Greetings from Back to God!

Steven Koster


As you've heard, ThinkChristian is transitioning to a new home from Gospel Communications to Back to God, and we're thrilled about partnering with Andy, Chris, and the whole TC team. We hope the transition will be relatively seamless, ultimately resulting in an even more robust ministry for ThinkChristian.

First, some introductions.

I'm Steven Koster, and I lead the English-language ministry team of BTG. My own professional background is first in media, and then in ministry. I was a corporate video producer, web experience designer, software product marketer, and business development manager. Along the way, I kept finding myself struggling with God and getting deeper into ministry at the same time. Then, thanks to a corporate layoff I took as God's kick in the pants, I moved back to Michigan and went to seminary. A little over two years ago, I joined BTG to develop the English media ministry, combining the two threads of my career.

Back to God Ministries International has a 70-year history of proclaiming God's Word for all ages, starting in 1939 with the radio program The Back to God Hour. Back to God now includes nine independent and indigenous media ministries around the world, with offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Jakarta, Cyrpus, St. Petersburg, Western Africa, and Brazil.

ThinkChristian now joins a portfolio of media ministries in our English division. We produce a variety of media for different audiences, from children's radio, to print devotionals, to ESL stories, to video blogs. Whoever and wherever you are, we tell God's story for your life, inviting you to experience more of what it means to be a citizen of the Kingdom of God. ThinkChristian now brings a vital voice to that portfolio, both informing and being informed by other audiences.

In the coming weeks, we look forward getting to know more of you and introducing more of our staff and friends. I'm eager to continue wrestling with how faith shapes thinking, and how God impacts culture. We'd like to hear from you what you value about ThinkChristian, and how you'd like to see it grow. Feel free to comment below or drop me a line.

Thanks again to Gospel Communications for their partnership and vision, and may the Lord fill us with his Spirit as we carry on together!

-Steven Koster

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