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Tonight I am blogging from the Catalyst Christian leadership conference in Atlanta GA. If you have not been to this conference, I highly recommend it! Awesome worship and speakers like Andy Stanley, Francis Chan, and Rick Warren just to name a few (and that was only day one!)

Along with these great speakers came the launch of a new book called, "Unchristian" David Kinnaman, president of Barna Research along with Gabe Lyons are the authors of this book that is all about the image problem that Christianity has in our culture today.

After three years of extensive research and interviews, the type that Nike and other corporations do on their products. David and Gabe came up with a comprehensive look at what the 16-29 year olds think of Christianity. The results were not easy to hear.

Top six perceptions of Christians: 1. Anti-Homosexual - this is toward the person not the deed - 96% 2. Judgmental - 87% 3. Hypocritical - 81% 4. Sheltered 5. Politically Motivated 6. Insecure

This is a video from the authors of UnChristian about how Christianity is perceived.

An important thing to note here is that these perceptions were consistent from both inside and outside the church. 40% of the audience interviewed were from outside the church. Meaning that a big part of where these perceptions are coming from is within the church itself via both conversations and from the pulpit.

This is just a broad overview of the research that was done. The book goes into more detail and gives a wide range of advice from many of today's top Christian leaders.

What do you think about this?

1. How might these perceptions be influencing your ministry in your community? 2. What are some of the ways we can begin to change how Christians are perceived by the 16- 29 year old culture?

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