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I Don't Need to Change or Convince Anyone

Jerod Clark

This week on our Facebook page we asked:

"If someone says, 'I don’t need to change or convince anyone, but just be the best Christ Follower I can be' is that lifestyle evangelism or a cop-out? How much intentionality is inherent to being the best Christ Follower you can be?"

Here are a few of the responses:

David J. Fowlie wrote, "The statement "I don't need to" in general, is a prideful one which limits one's growth in any area. We need to live our lives and let our light shine (first we need to make sure we have a light) and make the most of every opportunity to make an impact on others. Bottom Line: We need to be open to anything, so "I don't need to" limits that approach."

Jennifer Dobson says, "We are called to be the best follower we can be. Not all people are talented in evangelism. If you can change or convince anyone, great, but if you can't, it's ok. Don't get too hard on yourself."
Mark Ashcroft commented, "If you're a follower then you'll be following won't you? You will find that Jesus will lead you into change and lead you to reach out to others. You'll find yourself being led out of your comfort zone. This is the great adventure! If you're saying "I won't do this and I won't do that" you're dictating to the Lord where He can and can't take you, in which case you're not really following are you?"
What do you think?  Evangelism or cop-out?

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