Is climate engineering good creation care?

Abbie Schrotenboer

Abbie Schrotenboer
February 25, 2015

How do proposals to combat climate change with climate engineering fit alongside the Christian idea of creation care?

Doug Vande Griend
February 26, 2015

Perhaps the key fact involved in this, as admitted by some of the world's purported top climate scientists in their "climate gate" email exchanges, is that we don't know the planet's "energy equation" at this point in time. We just don't, and we don't seem to be close to knowing it either.

Projections/predictions from years ago as to actual global warming have been as wrong as they have because we don't know the planetary "energy equation" and because we make sheer guesses as to how much positive feedback there is the the earth's systems that would magnify the effect of increased CO2 and other greenhouse emissions.

Given the infant nature of knowledge, there is little wonder that National Academy of Sciences has not recommended efforts to block sunlight. The rule of physicians, "first, do no harm" is a really good rule to follow here.

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