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Is the Arab Spring the Arab Christian’s fall?

Josh Larsen

We wanted to share another video from Calvin College’s recently concluded January Series. Earlier this week, Anne Zaki – a teacher at Cairo’s Evangelical Seminary – spoke about the turmoil she’s witnessed in Egypt since moving back to her native country in September of 2011.

Zaki focused specifically on the experience of Christians in the region. “Christ’s followers in the Middle East exceed 15 million Christians,” she said. “Yes, we exist. We are Arab Christians. We are the forgotten church.”

Zaki acknowledged that the past few years have been arduous for all Egyptians, who have gone “through cycles of trust and distrust, in everyone and everything.” Pausing at one point during her chronology of the political chaos that has been taking place, Zaki said, “If you’re feeling exhausted just listening to this, imagine living in it, day in and day out.”

Even so, she also spoke of the “invisible hand of God” she has witnessed during this time. Zaki has seen strides in interfaith cooperation and been amazed at the resiliency of the Christian church as it suffers fresh persecution. For more on these topics and her thoughts on what lies ahead for Christ-followers in Egypt, watch the video below.

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