Jelly Telly

Chris Salzman

Phil Vischer—you know, the VeggieTales guy—recently announced he's getting back into Christian media. How, you ask? Well, he's launching a kids media studio that will distribute exclusively on the internet through a monthly subscription service.

Oh, and you get to pick your price.

It's just crazy enough to work.

He explains how and why in the video below (it's about 20 minutes long and worth every second).

The video can be seen full-size at the Jelly Telly website, which will have more content at a later date.

So, for those that didn't have the wherewithal to get through the video, the basic premise is that there are all these Christian film students and story tellers that graduate from college and have no Disney Channelesque place to tell their stories, which means that kids have nowhere to get those stories that might include a lot of Christian principals.

That's unfortunate because kids are—to put it lightly—heavily influenced by media.

Judging from the shorts in the video we can expect some high quality talent to come Jelly Telly's way, which in turn will lead to kids learning all sorts of wonderful things about Christianity and the world around them in a safe environment.

Personally, although I'm well outside the target audience for Jelly Telly, I'm all for this venture, but it does bring up some questions about media and Christianity.

Do we need to have separate outlets like this for Christian media, or should we work within the structures of this world? Do kids need another way to consume media, or should instead of replacing one way of consumption for another, spend their time in other ways?

And on a lighter note: do you think this has a chance of being successful? And, how much are you going to pay per month?

Sidenote: Mr. Vischer wrote up the history of what happened to Big Idea a while back. It's an interesting read.

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