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Let's talk

Josh Larsen

Where have your best discussions taken place?

The neighborhood coffeehouse? A college lecture hall? A small group at church? The corner bar?

In 2011, we hope some of your most stimulating, fortifying and revealing discussions take place here, at ThinkChristian. Starting this week, I have the privilege of guiding this project as editor. I come from a newspaper background - remember, those messy, unwieldy things that killed trees? - and bring with me 16 years of journalism experience. Seven of those years were spent as a full-time film critic, which is why some of you may already know me from the movie posts I’ve written here.

We have big plans for this year. While retaining the same voices you’ve come to appreciate - including that of former editor Jerod Clark, who can now give his full attention to our sister project, Church Juice - we’re also looking to recruit new contributors. In addition, a revamping of the website is in the works, as well as an editorial structure that will allow us to produce more (and more varied) content.

We hope all of this will further position ThinkChristian as a place for conversation in which faith and culture meet. We’ll be talking about all sorts of issues. Does God care about your tax returns? Is there a biblical perspective on adopting babies from overseas? Is there spirituality in soccer?

In order for such conversations to be fruitful we’ll need your contributions. We’d also appreciate any suggestions you might have as we continue to shape the project. What have you liked best about ThinkChristian? What would you like to see changed? What sort of content are you interested in? Which writers would you like to read? Let me know here or at [email protected].

Our mission remains the same: Not only to recognize contemporary culture - from politics to the arts, from business to science - as part of God’s world, but to engage this God-owned, human-driven global society by discussing what it means to live as a Christian within it. Join us. We’d love to hear what you think.

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