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Josh Larsen

January 4, 2011

Josh, congrats! I used to write for TC back in the day, and I'm very pleased to see you take the reigns. Looking forward to seeing where you take it!

Larry H
January 18, 2011

would say the best conversations always happen “after” ... not so much the location although it seems that coffee or food always helps! Go to a concert and then the “after” is the time where you laugh and get into some real topics for discussion. I am happy that I go to a church where there is an intentional “after” time to pray, meditate, cry, laugh about the message or what’s going on in our lives. Sometime “after” the argument with your wife/husband is when the real dialog begins. I think God really grips our hearts and souls “after” we stop playing chruch or thinking that we can earn His love. It’s usually after soemtime when the true reality of Grace really grips you. So I would say the best conversations can happen anywhere, but be sure to leave a little space for the “after” effect.<br> <br>However, in general, I think we Christians still function way too isolated from the actual culture around us, especially CRC folk – it still seems to me that we have that inherited sense that the non-Christians are the bad guys and we wouldn’t want to get contaminated by their pagan thoughts or actions. Do we really think God is that small? My personal challenge is always how to witness in both word &amp; deed so that my Christianity isn't dorkish (if that is even a word ..) and yet is truly salt &amp; light. Living an authentically challenging Christian life to both me and the world around me. Sometimes I acquiesce too easily to the culture and other times I just offend or fail to make a human connection first.<br>

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