Making Christian blogs more diverse, and less boring

Andy Rau

Is the world of Christian blogs too homogeneous? Michael Spencer recently posted about his desire to see more diversity in Christian blogs.

I’ve not just noticed that blog readers write blogs; I’ve also noticed that the same kinds of people write the same kinds of blogs. Ditto for reading. The blogosphere has a lot of similar “clumps.” Diversity isn’t our strong suit. We, the pajamaed class, can, and should be, easily caricatured as rather repetitive and devoid of curiosity.

I’d like to change things. I’m looking for some diversity in the blogosphere. Instead of reading more Bible commentary, academic ruminations, analyses of the church, condemnations of people who don’t do it our way, barkings about politics or insights into the adventures of homeschool mothers, I’d like to read something completely different.

He follows with a long and interesting list of the sorts of blogs he'd like to see--blogs that offer new perspectives and experiences that haven't already been discussed to death. Some of those blogs almost certainly already exist, while others have yet to be created. It's a good reminder that we need a regular input of fresh ideas if we are to avoid simply talking over the same basic ideas and approaches ad infinitum.

That means making a point of checking new blogs and other sites every now and then--sites that fall outside your immediate sphere of interest. But I think it also means encouraging more people to blog--particularly those who aren't already bloggers, and who may not approach blogging with too many preconceptions about what they're "supposed" to blog about. I know a number of people in the church who have really amazing stories and experiences to share, but they're not at all in touch with the blogging world and feel intimidated by the prospect of blogging. There are a lot of unique stories in the church just waiting to be told. If we could equip those people to tell their stories online without making them feel obliged to create Yet Another Culture/Theology Blog (like this one, haha), we'd all benefit.

What do you do when, as either a blog reader or author (or both), you need a break from the "normal routine" of Christian blogging? What blogs out there are, in your opinion, doing something truly new and interesting?

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