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New TC eBook: Seeing God in Science

Josh Larsen

How do we reconcile the special revelation of God's word with the general revelation of His creation, as it is revealed through science?

That’s the guiding question for our latest eBook, Seeing God in Science, which you can receive for free here. We’ve collected a number of previously published Think Christian articles that, taken together, set a framework for engaging with science from a Biblical standpoint. Written by theologians, pastors and biologists who are among our regular contributors, these pieces help us reconsider the notion of a conflict between faith and science.

Among the questions we explore: How can Christians graciously engage in science-related debates? What might it mean to have a “science-friendly” church? How do we react to recent polls that show a growing distrust among Christians regarding scientific evidence on topics such as climate change and vaccinations?

Seeing God in Science is our third eBook, after A Theology of Star Wars and the Earth Day-inspired collection To Steward or Subdue? The breadth of topics represented among these three offerings is a reflection of our guiding philosophy: that God is sovereign over all of creation, and therefore no such thing is secular.

We hope you take advantage of the free eBook and enjoy the articles we’ve chosen. As always, our comment sections will be open and waiting. We’d love to hear what you think!

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