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No Worries

Jerod Clark

My wife and I just got back from a two and a half week vacation to New Zealand.  It was an amazing trip of visiting close friends and exploring the south island in a camper van .  I've become a big fan of the beauty of the country and the friendliness of the Kiwis.

There is not doubt that the phrase I heard the most on my trip was "no worries."  At breakfast, I'd thank the waitress.  She replies, "No worries."  I accidentally bump in to someone because I'm doing the touristy, gawking thing.  I apologize.  They say, "No worries."  In general, everyone is just a little more laid back.

While I like the idea of a no worries lifestyle, part of me worries about it when it comes to faith.  It says there are no worries about the afterlife.  There are no worries about salvation.  When it comes to faith. the latest New Zealand census numbers from 2006 show 55.6% of New Zelanders identify as Christian, down from previous measurements.  The number of people associating with no religion was on the rise at 34.7% in 2006.  For me, a life without Christ would create a lot of worries.  If you turn away, and try to go it on your own, there's a lot of worries.  How are you going to provide for your family?  What about your future?  The economy? Really all of life's big decisions.

As I thought a little more about it, I think Christianity could be a good fit for the no worries type.  I'm not saying becoming or being a Christian is easy or trouble free, but I think it can be worry free.  When you give your life to Christ and let Him be in control, what is there to worry about?  In my own life, I think this is true.  I used to be a big time worry wart.  At times it still comes creeping in.  But for the most part I live a lot less worried because I know God is in charge and He provides all I need.

So as Christians, are we doing a good job of living the Christ filled worry free lifestyle?  When the economy crashes or something major happens are we as worried as nonbelievers?  Or are we strong enough in our faith to trust God and be worry free?

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