Not So Merry Sermon Series

Jerod Clark

December 17, 2008

Sermons...sermons...oh yes. Aren’t those the 30 minute lectures delivered each sunday by someone called a pastor to 500 dozing pew sitters sitting in military rows all staring at the podium? I guess that’s the price you pay for wanting to get together and worship with other Christians on a Sunday morning. Of course, they can be funny. Last weeks jokes were hilarious. The pastor really has comic timing and a gift for mimicry. He sure likes his football team too. I think the point of the last one was, in this advent season, look for God in the Bible and in everyday situations. Hadn’t thought of that before.

Is there a rule that we have to have a 20 minute comic monologue every Sunday by the same guy? I haven’t come across it in the Bible yet, perhaps it’s in a New Testament Midrash I’ve missed. Am I being mean and uncharitable? I apologize, I love my pastor. My problem is I can’t get any of my kids, neices or nephews to come to Church...and it’s not for lack of entertainment or relevance. They just want to know that God is really there. Why else would you come to church? They can get a much higher level of entertainment anytime, read a pop psychology book or hear commentary on world events from hundreds of blogs. What they can’t get is a real, authentic experience with a God that has supernatural fellowship with His creation.

Bryce Bowlin
December 19, 2008

Hey Jerod-

Any chance you go to the E-Free Church of Naperville? I've been attending that church for the last two years (as I was finishing up college I would come home for breaks and summers) but now I'm overseas serving as a missionary. All this is to say that I'm not up to date on what Dale Hummel has been preaching on, but my parents were telling me I should really listen to his sermons online. I read your recent article and thought, "hmmm....I wonder if it's possible that this 'Illinois resident' could live around naperville", then promptly checked the EFCN website and saw "God's Editorial" covering the home page.

Anyways, this doesn't have much to do with your post, but I was just curious! Thanks for your contributions to the blog...


December 19, 2008

I do indeed go to EFCN. Dale is a great, thoughtful pastor and his sermons this month are worth listening to when you have the chance.

I hope your missions work is going well.

December 22, 2008

to read this makes me smile.. because in our church there is been actually what you said.. I literally was thinking that your speak about our sermons.. hahah.. Praise the Lord. because of his Spirit... . love fro Croatian Churches of Christ...

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