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Chris Salzman

Like many, I was raised to think that taking the Lord's name in vain meant one thing: never uttering, "Oh my God" as an exclamation. To be honest, I really haven't thought of the third commandment much in the past years until reading this recent Reflections of the Times post:
The idea is that using His name this way (although many argue that God isn't His name) is using it in an empty, worthless, meaningless way. Turning His name (or His title in the Godhead) into a common word that one can just toss around as if it means nothing, is worthless and empty.
It wasn't until I became older that I ever heard anyone reject this teaching and claim that taking His name in vain means something else. I've heard several definitions of this, including the one that says professing to be a Christian and then looking/acting/sounding just like the world, is a form of taking His name in vain. I find it striking however, that among some who've rejected the teaching that I grew up with and give it a different meaning, they use His name (or title) in the very way I've defined in the first paragraph.
In our day, you can't turn on the tv, radio, computer, go out in public, go to work or school, without hearing someone say "oh my God". This bothers me a great deal, and bothers me more and more, the older I get. Of course I realize it's coming from the lips of those that have no relationship with God and therefore think nothing of using His name this way. To them, it is indeed empty and meaningless.

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Do you think that using that phrase is a violation of the 3rd commandment? Any other thoughts?

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