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One More Introduction

Jerod Clark

I know you don't come to Think Christian to get introductions, so hopefully this will be our last one for a little bit.

My name's Jerod Clark and I'll be handing the moderation of Think Christian for the near future.  I'll be a contributor as well.  Currently, I work on a project for Back to God Ministries that aims to help churches use media better.  That can be anything from marketing and advertising to website redevelopment.  It's a new project that won't officially launch until next year even though we've started to do a few pilot projects.

Previous to my work at Back to God, I was a TV reporter.  I worked at a couple of different CBS affiliates in Joplin, MO and Little Rock, AR.  While I enjoyed meeting all sorts of unique and interesting people being a journalist, I didn't like the direction the industry as a whole was taking.  The industry keeps trying to do more with less and it only hurts the viewer.  So I left.

I married my wife, a former journalist as well, soon after leaving Little Rock.  We moved to the Chicago area which is where she grew up.  After we first married, I spent several months being a house husband while I was looking for a job.  I kept praying that God would use me in ministry to help grow His Kingdom.  My prayers were answered when I was offered a job at Back to God Ministries.  I was actually standing in the isle at Sam's, with a bunch of mom's with screaming kids in their carts, when I got the call.  I stopped right where I was and thanked God for the opportunity.

I'm excited about the team God has put together at our organization.  There are a lot of people here with a great heart for ministry.  I'm thrilled about the opportunities that come with having Think Christian, too.  I'm thankful that God has trusted us with this ministry and I'm thankful for the work Gospel Communications has done.  I look forward to a continued partnership with Andy, Chris and all of the TC community.  I'm excited to get to know you better though what is hopefully meaningful conversation.

If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts or even rants, feel free to send them my way.


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