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Prayers for colleagues in Japan

Josh Larsen

ThinkChristian is supported by the Christian Reformed Church in North America, a denomination that has a significant ministry presence in Japan.

Reports of deaths and injuries are still coming in from the region in the aftermath of the earthquake and ensuing tsunami. In Tokyo, hundreds of miles away from the epicenter, buildings shook violently through the main quake and the series of massive aftershocks that followed. The earthquake was the biggest in modern Japanese history.

In the hours after the disaster, we heard from colleagues there and want to share their experiences and prayer requests with you.

"When the earthquake occurred, (we) were in the office room. It was the biggest earthquake I ever experienced in my life. We are all right, but we can't go home because all the trains (are) stopped now. My family is safe at home.

The Tokyo area is not so much damaged, but in the north area of Japan, where our radio program 'Morning Word' is broadcast, (the) damage is rather huge. Attached are the pictures of our office right after the earthquake. Everything dropped from the shelves."

Rev. Masao Yamashita,

Japanese Team Leader, Back to God Ministries International

"All Christian Reformed World Missions personnel in Japan are accounted for and are OK after an earthquake(s) and tsunami hit Japan. As you can imagine, it is difficult to get a clear picture of the destruction caused by the quakes, tsunami and resulting fires.

CRWM has five missionary households in Japan. For almost 60 years the Christian Reformed Church has served in Japan at the invitation of the Reformed Church in Japan. The needs for prayer in this situation are obviously enormous."

Gary J. Bekker,

Director, Christian Reformed World Missions

Please keep these colleagues - and all who have been affected by the disaster - in your prayers. 

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