Prepositions and Serving One Another

Chris Salzman

February 8, 2010

When Jesus' feet were washed, did he actively wash his feet WITH those doing the washing? Certainly not; His feet were washed FOR Him. (--and I'm only using capps. because I do not know how to use italics in this response.)<br>I am not arguing that in serving others we should not take opportunities to do service WITH others. However, at some point in service (to answer your question) the bible does call us to do stuff to, and for people; that is not to say, I reiterate, that doing stuff with others is not good as well. Therefore, it is good to serve someone in anyway possible; may it be doing the dishes WITH your child, taking the trash out FOR your spouse, or giving a gift TO your mother (or stranger, for that matter).<br>Furthermore, I reiterate, search for service in all forms.<br>Follow where The Lord's voice guides you in service, and do it with a joyful heart. So, don't trouble yourself over the with's, to's, and for's. Simply obey Him in all that He says: "Follow me."<br>Yes, He wants us to follow Him.<br>With that being said, if we are to follow him, and strive to live a Christ-like life, certainly we should mimic the acts of service performed by Jesus. Therefore, we should observe how The Lord served people in the Bible, and who He served.<br>More than 80% of the service Jesus performed in the new testament was done to complete strangers. Because Jesus was speaking to and serving strangers (strangers being those that he has not physically met before, of course, no one is really a stranger to God) I believe that he wants us to do the same. We should go out and street witness, like Jesus. We should speak to everyone, boldly about the most important thing in life. We are told to go into all the world and preach the gospel. We are told to follow Him. Let us deny ourselves daily. Let us take up our cross. Let us follow Him, I mean, really, follow Him. Don't be afraid, be bold for Christ!<br>With loving regards,<br>Your Brother,<br>Sean

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