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Quick Thought: Bank Robber Starts to Pray with Victim Mid-Heist

Jerod Clark

You  may have seem this video on the news.  A 23-year-old Indiana man, Gregory Smith, was attempting to rob a bank clerk.  When the woman started crying and praying, Smith fell to his knee's and started praying with her.  In a jailhouse interview with WRTV, Smith said:

It had to be God working through her because she just talked to me like a mother or a grandmother to her child, and she made me feel comfortable.  I started telling her stuff I hadn't even told my own mother. I even tried to give her the gun, she wouldn't take it.

After ten minutes of prayer, Smith even gave her the bullet from his gun and they hugged.  He eventually turned himself in saying he'd hit tough economic times and was trying to provide for his family.

What a great display of showing God's grace and forgiveness by the woman who was being robbed.  Would you be able to pray with the person trying to rob you?  Would you give him a hug afterwards?  In reality, how would you have been able to handle this situation?

I would be easy for me to say I would be as bold as the bank clerk in this situation.  But in reality, I think I'd probably just hand over the money and do anything I could to get him out of the building.  I'm not sure I'd be thinking, "This is a great ministry opportunity."  I know I'd be praying and I would hope God would convict me to show this much grace especially since it turns out Smith was wanting and needing it.

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