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Quick Thought: Selling Your Church Building to Meet Community Needs

Jerod Clark

Rolling Hills Baptist Church in Fayetteville, GA has received a lot of presslately for the decision to sell its brand new building and use the money to take care of those in need in the community. The $1.4 million dollar new facility is nearly paid off, but the congregation overwhelmingly voted to put the church on the market.

The Rolling Hills website states:

…we've come to the conclusion that we want to invest more deeply in people rather than property. We've grown tired of investing more and more of our budget on mortgage, utilities, insurance, etc... at the expense of ministry and mission.

In an interview, Pastor Frank Mercer said:

People lives area falling apart and we’ve got to make a difference. We want to see roofs over people’s heads. We want to see food in people’s bellies.

The church plans to meet either in spaces donated from other churches or a rented movie theater.

What would you say if your church decided to do the same thing?

I think it's easy to say I'd be all for my church selling and doing the same thing.  But if I were completely honest with myself, I don't think I'd be completely fine with it.  While my church is much more than it's building, the facility itself is a place that is used nearly every day for some sort of ministry.  It's a recognized spot in the community.  I think if you lose that central location by having a place you can't rent every night of the week, it becomes much harder to build certain ministry programs.

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