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Quick Thought: The Gospel in 10 Words or Less

Jerod Clark

I stumbled upon an interesting post on the Fallen and Flawed blog.   Twelve bloggers were asked to summarize the gospel in 10 words or less.  Here are the responses:
“Christ’s blood seals God’s promise to reconcile us with Him.” Eric Ruhnow (Who Tends the Fire) “Jesus’ death and resurrection completes God’s plan to redeem mankind.” Don Dudley, (You See Dry Bones) “Jesus’ blood calls, converts, cleanses, cures, carries the once condemned.” Abigail (abigail's leftovers) “Blood-bought covenantal intimacy with God for sinners through Jesus.” Daniel Wilson (Desire for Spiritual Growth) “Repent of your sins / trust in Christ alone for salvation.” Devotee of Francis Turretin (Thoughts of Francis Turretin) “Christ’s death: rescued from self-made destruction, adopted as God’s child.” Emily Schankweiler (A Sacrifice of Praise) “Restoring all things by the life and death of Jesus.” Nathan Bliss (bliss) “Whole world sorted, put right, made friends again through Christ.” Andrew Jones (Tall Skinny Kiwi) “Christ died for our sins, was raised and is Lord.” Trevin Wax (Kingdom People) quoting Martin Luther. “Man must repent and believe in the Lord Jesus.” Michael Patton (Parchment and Pen) “Be sick. Be loved.” Jon Acuff (Stuff Christians Like) “Adoption through propitiation.” Kevin DeYoung (DeYoung, Restless, Reformed) quoting J. I. Packer
Using 1o words may not give the gospel all the attention it deserves, but I like how the blogs author, Demian Farnworth, put it:
"If you can’t summarize what you believe in ten words, do you truly understand what you believe?"
So go ahead and give it a try.  How would you present the gospel in 10 words or less?

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