Restoring healthcare in Birisiri, Bangladesh

Kristen deRoo Vanderberg

Jason Erik Summers
September 7, 2011

This is an interesting juxtaposition to a recent column from Mike Gerson in WaPo (http://www.washingtonpost.com/....  He also noted that many of the deaths of women of childbearing age (in his example, in the Congo) are related to birth and the lack of nearby medical care.  While he noted that this is why supporting family-planning is a pro-life cause, your example here is helpful in demonstrating how complex the various factors contributing to the problem are and in setting forward a sustainable, locally driven solution.  That's not to suggest Gerson's point is incorrect, but rather that the decisions local groups might make to deal with similar problems are likely to be very different in different regions and often may take indigenous forms one may not have imagined at the outset.  I think that allowing for that kind of pluriform local expression is important to doing justice in providing aid.


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