Self-Delusion and Church-Work in an Age of Mistrust

Paul Vander Klay

Tracey Sheneman
September 2, 2010

Very good. A lot to digest here. I will definitely be sharing this. Thanks!

Ty Woznek
September 2, 2010

It seems in church conversations we speak right past each other. Further, we greatly lack biblical love. Love is partly defined as hoping, trusting and believing all things. We assume the worse and develop guilt until innocent environment. We don't call it that. We use a much more palatable phrase: "Pigeon holing: Who do you follow?" Now that we "know were a person is coming form" we can ignore, tolerate and maybe say ok too.

I appreciate the thoughts of this post. It needs to be discussed more.

September 25, 2010

Hello you have said it all god knows we are all living the very thing you are talking about... who can we and can not trust i do not even look so much as who i can and can not ...even you look at your own family and friends now days with trust issue... but i must say this all i know is that i can trust god and that is for sure...cause he look at us all equal and judge us all according to his word and will never treat anyone of us different from thee other that for sure just trust god cause he is all we need to trust . in jesus name amen.

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