Sharing the good news amidst Tinder’s ‘dating apocalypse’

Branson Parler

Branson Parler
August 20, 2015

In a post-apocalyptic dating world enabled by the likes of Tinder, the Christian vision of sexuality is unimaginably good news.

Tamara This Sacramental Life
August 20, 2015

THANK YOU for speaking truth, goodness and beauty to cover the multitude of sins reported in the Tinder article (and the Planned Parenthood videos as well as what feels like an onslaught of new reports of every sort of exploit ).

I waited a while to read the Vanity Fair article because I knew it would bother me. The article articulated some of the hardest parts of my experience working with an office full of 20-somethings in downtown Austin for the past 2 years. Some of the most interesting, sweet people I've met view sex and dating similarly to those Sales describes in the VF article. As I've prayerfully interacted with my co-workers, I've come to see their behavior within the context of generations of sexual sin.

Does that make sense? Like this view of sex devastates me, but it's the natural outcome of what my generation and my parents' generation and the one before that did with the gift of sex and relationships. (For example, this is the natural progression of porn. And there is no marked difference in the number of Christian men looking at porn. Statistically, most men of are looking at porn no matter their religious affiliation and very little difference by age demographic.) Certainly, the consequences against one's self and one's partners are more complex in real life sexual encounters, but the dehumanizing consumerism of pleasure is the same.

I appreciate that you make the distinction between "self-righteous disgust" (as in "kids these days are disgusting!") and what seems to be true, godly sorrow. I feel strongly that sort of sorrow will help each one of us to appropriately own our part in this messed up view of sex and love. We have all sinned and gone our own way.

I'm so grateful for your response (which I am taking as a call to action): "In a post-apocalyptic dating world, the Christian vision of the human person is unimaginably good news. I want to shout from the mountaintops to the men and women in Sales’ article: “You are not reducible to an apparatus for physical pleasure! You are not reducible to a profile or an image on a screen to be judged by whether someone swipes right! You are beloved by God and called to something so much more, a self-giving love modeled on the love of Christ, who gave Himself for us!" With those words, I recommit myself to the dignified work of marriage (others might to the spiritual discipline of Chastity). I haven't yet met a twenty-something who doesn't respect the fact that I've been married to one guy for almost 25 years -- no matter what they say about their own relationships and sex life.

Also, I'm praying: Lord, hear our prayer and make haste to save us all.

p.s., thanks for your patience reading my very long and impassioned comment!

August 25, 2015

"In a post-apocalyptic dating world, the Christian vision of the human person is unimaginably good news." I appreciate your take Branson, and I like the tone. I have been exploring some of these themes of personhood in these times of our" massive identity confusion" (defined by gender, sexuality, or anything that misses the point of full personhood). Here's my take on this sort of discussion: https://moreenigma.wordpress.com/tag/identity/
Grace to you, rusty

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