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Should I Stay or Go?

Chris Salzman

opensourcetheology is not quite ready to leave his church for a house church, but he is willing to opine about why he might:

5. My pastor hasn’t had a relationship with a non-believer in over 10 years
4. The leaders of my church are workaholics and I find it hard to believe they have a healthy relationship with the Lord when they don’t have the time for their family
3. I’m sick of it being about one man. Be that the pastor, or the musician or whatever, I want to see them raising up other people and sending them out, content to have many small churches instead of one mega church
2. There are 1,000 people who attend my church. I know 50 and only care about 20 of them. I attend a small group to go deeper with those I care about, but I have no reason to remember the name of the guy whose hand I shake between worship and the sermon
1. There is no place to really do ministry, the leaders will not let go of control. I want to pray for people, bless people, watch out for people, be there for people. I want to be invited to do what the Lord has called me to do.

Recently, I've been thinking about how much pressure is put on pastors to do everything well, if not perfectly. It's clearly not a fair standard as it leads to all sorts of problematic consequences, like opensource points to each of his points.

Do you agree/disagree with his list? If you were to come up with a list of your own what would it include?

Or, on a slightly more upbeat note, what would be your list of reasons to stay?

[the beautiful picture of the church is from user Stuck in Customs]

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