Should there be more teen moms in your church?

Amy Adair

Cathy Smith
April 5, 2011

Thanks for writing on this topic, Amy! You bring up a lot of valid points.

Robert Guico
April 5, 2011

Thanks for addressing this! I'm trying to keep a relationship up with a teenage couple that dropped into our youth center a little ways back. They're madly in love with each other but I think they underestimate the difficulty of the next 6-7 months... not to mention the year or two after that!

There's also a place here for establishing a relationship with both sets of parents, I think. Our church would be more than open to helping them out and being there for them, but I have to find out who to contact, and what to tell them.

Brooklyn Cravens
April 6, 2011

If we are going to be pro-life about babies before they are born, we should also be pro-life after they are born, too, by helping their moms raise them healthily and find a godly guy take care of and provide for them.

Being pro-life yet being judgmental on teen moms is like voting for the right to drink or bear arms, but then condemning alcohol or guns altogether. It doesn't make sense, and in no way does it move anything forward. Sadly, this is what we Christians do to other people. Often.

April 7, 2011

Here is a great article that addresses this issue in some more depth: http://www.christianitytoday.c...

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