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Taking Up A Cause For Lent

Jerod Clark

I’ve read two articles recently focusing on how Christians can come together to support a larger cause when it comes to making sacrifices or showing compassion for Lent.

A group of Anglican British bishops are urging Christians to reduce their carbon footprint during Lent.  According to the USA Today, the bishops are asking people to at least go a day without using their iPod, cell phone or other technology.  The goal is to use less electricity which will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide put into the air.

A second article from The Christian Post highlights a move by the National Council of Churches to focus on clean water during Lent.  The organization says billions of people around the world don’t have access to clean water or proper sanitation.  They’ve created a blog to help Christians pray, study and take action to help provide more clean water around the world.

The NCC’s Jordan Blevins says, “Water is symbolic of our relationship with God, carrying the image of renewal, promise, and hope.  Focusing on the global water, sanitation, and hygiene crisis for the Lenten journey brings us into better relationship with God, and all of God’s people.”

When I hear of people giving up stuff for Lent, often times it's focusing on something personal, like giving up a certain food.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  But what about joining together with other Christians to show some sort of larger impact this Lent?  Any thoughts?

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