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Telling Children Bible Stories

Chris Salzman

Scotteriology has posted a few of the stories he tells his daughters. In his words, "I think you may recognize the source material."
You have probably heard a lot of stories that start off something like this: Once upon a time in a land far, far away. Well this story not only happens “Once upon a time” but before there was time! And not just “in a land far, far away” but also before there was any land! Now I suppose you are thinking, “What is he talking about?” However the question is not what am I talking about but rather who am I talking about; and the answer to that question is God. This story is a small part of his and a very big part of ours. Beginnings are a funny thing; we would assume somehow that our beginning was the beginning; however, our story is merely a beginning. So I will start that way…

In a beginning, God who had always existed decided to create a masterpiece of unimaginable scope, design, beauty and intelligence. Now I’d guess that some of you are again asking, “What is he talking about? How could someone always exist? Doesn’t everything and everyone need a start, even Him?” Well, I don’t have an answer for that question (I wish I did!) but there is one thing I think you should know and it is this: true stories are much weirder, stranger and more uncomfortable than fairy tales. Fairy tales we write for ourselves. They have nice adventures with sweet endings and they make us feel safe and secure. True stories offer no such promises. This is a true story and so I can only tell you how things were not how we think they should have to be.

The story continues on his blog.

For the parents that read this blog: how do you relate the stories of the bible, or the bible in general, to your children? Does anyone remember their parents telling them stories that later on they realized were from the Bible? What do you think of Scott's retellings?

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