The curse of the cubicle?

David Greusel

David Greusel
April 25, 2014

Despite their reputation as a curse of the Fall, office cubicles remain the best design for human flourishing in the workplace.

April 25, 2014

Working in a cubical is simply trading one misery for another. Speaking for myself, I enjoyed cubical work much more than toiling around outside in the heat all day. And while offices are nice, the cubical allowed for a certain kind of interaction with colleagues that made work life easier - even for an introvert such as myself.

"As a cube worker, one also should have the freedom to personalize one’s workspace. Companies with fascist rules about personal items in cubes should be shunned. Your cubicle should be a personal statement of who you are (or desire to be), whether that means ball caps, snow globes, bobbleheads or Pez dispensers."

While I totally agree here, I've found that most of the time, a company's cube policy is often times defined by employees who make stinks about their colleagues, or employees who are so messy (IE, rotten food that you can't find), they create a bad work environment.

No matter how you slice it, the work environment is going to be miserable - unless you have a humble and positive attitude, which can overcome just about anything.

Jonathan Downie
April 26, 2014

I don't agree that work environments have to be miserable. I have three of them: the dinner table at home, a shared office in a university and a soundproof booth and I enjoy each of them for different reasons. I didn't enjoy an open plan call centre, though. I wonder if it is the job that makes the environment and not vice-versa. Just a thought.

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