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The science (and Gospel) of branches

John Van Sloten

Editor’s note: The Think Christian office is miles away from pastor John Van Sloten’s church – a country away, in fact – so we’re grateful that video of his sermons is easily available on Vimeo. We thought his recent take on the science and Gospel of branches was particularly TC-worthy, especially given that we’re finally getting to see some buds outside.

John’s message reflects on Jesus’ words in John 15, in which He compares Himself to the vine and His followers to the branches. Always eager to explore where this Gospel truth is illuminated in the world, John also touches on what he learned from an ecology professor about the behavior of plants.

We’d love to get your thoughts after watching the video. What does it mean to remain in Jesus, as we’re asked to do in John 15? How might the botanical truths we’re currently witnessing in our forests and gardens help us better understand Jesus’ request? Share your comments below. (Josh Larsen)

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