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ThinkChristian gets a new look!

Andy Rau

As you've no doubt noticed, ThinkChristian has a new look! We've got a new theme that incorporates feedback and suggestions we've received from readers (and authors). Here's a quick tour of what's new:

  • Commenting and interacting with other readers is improved. This is probably the biggest change, and something we'd really like to get your feedback about. Chris will be along shortly to explain how the new Disqus commenting system works. We hope that the new system will give you more freedom and flexibility in commenting on posts and responding to other readers. Give it a try, and let us know if it's an improvement over the old commenting system!
  • We now have a blogroll. That's right, we finally got with the program and assembled a list of links to some of our favorite blogs. There are of course hundreds of good blogs out there that are worth reading; rather than list them all, we'll try to keep our blogroll fairly short and pointing just to the blogs that the TC team is currently reading most regularly.
  • A bunch of minor tweaks and additions. We've added Digg and other buttons to let you bookmark posts you like; you can now choose your favorite color for TC (in the top right of the screen); and we'll shortly be unveiling a weekly poll. Oh, and we got rid of those pictures of peoples' faces up at the top, which many people found a bit creepy.

There are a few other minor things we'll note in future posts. But for now, please let us know (in the comments below, or via email) what you think of the new design! Let us know what you like, what you don't, and how we can make it better.

update: as luck would have it, the new comment system is behaving badly, so we've temporarily reverted to the old system. Sorry about that; we'll have the new system back up as soon as the kinks get worked out!

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