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Thoughts on Haggard's fall from grace

Andy Rau

Now that the Haggard story has had time to develop, quite a few Christian bloggers are weighing in with observations. Here's two I thought were particularly insightful. Both express sorrow for Haggard and sympathy for his family--which must be suffering tremendously--and offer some thoughts about how sin works:

"The Haggard Truth" at Out of Ur emphasizes the special dangers that come with leadership positions, even when accountability measures are in place:

No amount of accountability seems to be adequate to contain a person living with such inner conflict. Neither can it contain a person who needs continuous adrenalin highs to trump the highs of yesterday. Maybe this is one of the geniuses of Jesus: he knew when to stop, how to refuse the cocktail of privilege, fame and applause that distorts one’s ability to think wisely and to master self.

"The Scandal" at reminds us that we're all sinners, and aren't really any "better," spiritually speaking, than Haggard:

...there is really no difference between you and Haggard or between myself and Haggard. We are all totally depraved with our sin extending to every aspect of our being. There but for the grace of God go I. There but for the grace of God go you. While I would not expect a reporter to approach me if I were to fall into similar sin, I can only imagine the pain of having to sit in front of my children, my wife, and answer questions about whether or not I have had sex with a man or admitting that I purchased illegal drugs.

And the GetReligion team has been blogging overtime covering every angle of the Haggard story and how the whole situation is being handled by the media--start here and just keep reading.

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